Our education outreach work seeks to change people’s attitudes towards primates in Zambia.

We focus our efforts on sensitising people living in hotspot areas of Zambia that monkeys are wild animals protected by Zambian law, and that it is illegal to kill, eat, trade or keep primates chained up as pets at their homes.

We also encourage people to surrender primates they are currently keeping in captivity and to report confidentially any primate crimes that are happening in their neighbourhood.  

Through education and sensitisation, we hope to reduce the number of primates over time that are being taken from the wild and traded as exotic pets in Zambia as people become more aware of the wildlife law re primates.

Our outreach currently involves poster distribution in the major hotspot area of the Copperbelt along with a radio messaging campaign.

Our community sensitisation programme is funded by a Global Friends grant from the Born Free Foundation.

Poster Campaign

3,500 posters have been distributed in the hotspot Copperbelt area in schools, churches, busy shopping areas and other places where people meet. This is aimed at raising awareness that it is illegal to kill, eat, buy, sell or keep monkeys as pets.

Teacher Training

A workshop for teachers in the Copperbelt has been delivered on primate protection, including the provision of teaching resources to take back to the classroom to deliver lessons.

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